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Hawkesbury Musicians’ Network is a community-based organisation that brings together musicians from all genres and of all levels of expertise.


Connect: HMN provides an online platform for musicians and music-based organisations from the Hawkesbury region of NSW to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. It is a social media environment for strengthening, promoting and showcasing local talent. Support local musicians and music groups by going to our What’s On events calendar to see where and when members are performing!


Promote: The site provides an opportunity for local musicians to promote themselves within the community and beyond, via the What’s On events calendar and in artist Spotlights. Ultimately, HMN aims to facilitate the building of a strong musicians’ network within the Hawkesbury area, and to promote local talent to a national and international audience.


Contribute: HMN offers a social-networking platform where local musicians can share their knowledge and contribute to forum discussions. The aim is to strengthen local knowledge, and to support and encourage others to develop their skills and talents.


Spotlight: Read articles about a range of music-related topics. If you have expertise you would like to share, get in touch with us. If you would like to promote your music in an Artist Spotlight article, contact us for more information.


Learn: Through building a knowledgebase, HMN provides a resource for musicians that not only connects them with know-how, but also with other musicians who can offer their expertise and skill.


Discover: Are you looking for a music teacher, audio engineer, rehearsal studio, recording studio, luthier or music-gear store? HMN offers a searchable business directory so that both HMN members and non-members can locate music-related businesses, organisations and services.

How You Can Get Involved

Ask questions! If you need some advice about how to get that perfect guitar tone, how to mic a drum kit, how to set up a home studio, or how to get great live sound, jump onto our Knowledgebase and start a conversation.

Let people know where you are performing! Members can add upcoming performances and gigs to their profile, and to the What’s On events calendar by clicking the “Submit an Event” link on their profile stream.

Support local music! Check out the What’s On page and support local musicians and music groups by attending gigs and performances.

Share your knowledge! If you have an area of expertise, let us know. We would love to share your knowledge with others in a Spotlight article or online resource.

Tell your story! Get the word out by being a featured musician in a Spotlight article. Contact us to learn more.

Spread the word! To build a strong community, we need to encourage all musicians across all genres and all levels of skill to have a voice.

Spark interest! If you come across an interesting article elsewhere, or if you know of a great resource for musicians, share it on your profile, join a group and share it there, or let us know and we will add it to the Knowledgebase.

The Hawkesbury Musicians’ Network is committed to creating a positive, cooperative, constructive and supportive environment for local musicians and music-based organisations.