The Listen Down Podcast

Macquarie Towns Orchestra

Macquarie Towns Orchestra is an organisation featuring members of the community of all ages with the common goal of playing symphonic music together. The ‘Training Orchestra’ is open to all ages for people who wish to play fun music of all genres in a friendly and supportive environment. They have professional musicians, music teachers, and more experienced players, both younger and older, who help beginners with music and ensemble playing.

The symphony orchestra is for the more experienced musician, and the music is consequently more difficult. This group plays a vast array of genres and styles, from Baroque to Contemporary; from classical, to latin, to swing. There is a focus on enjoyment in playing and performing to the best of everyone’s ability.

In our last podcast of 2019, we have a conversation with members of the orchestra and chat about the history of the organisation, the value it brings to its members and the community and more…!

Be sure to attend their Christmas concert this year at St Andrews Church in Richmond on December 14 & 15. Find all details here.

The Listen Down is recorded in Windsor at the amazing STUDIO BLEUS which features a state of the art recording studio and rehearsal spaces. Just the place to get your creative on…