The Listen Down Podcast

Mady Disbray is a local singer-songwriter and performer, playing gigs around the Hawkesbury and Sydney. She has a unique, soulful voice and her live performances showcase an amazing talent. While her live repertoire is mostly filled with cover songs, she makes each classic song her own with clever and inspiring new arrangements.

She continues to grow and evolve as a musician / composer and performs 2 original songs for us in this podcast. The future is bright and full of melodic wonder for Mady – be sure to follow her journey.

Mady has put together a an amazing Spotify playlist featuring influential tracks and new music she is into. This playlist gives a peek into what sets Mady apart from other musicians.

Follow the Mady Disbray playlist here.

The Listen Down is recorded in Windsor at the amazing STUDIO BLEUS which features a state of the art recording studio and rehearsal spaces. Just the place to get your creative on…