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Mountain Wizard Death Cult

Mountain Wizard Death Cult are a Western Sydney Doom / Sludge / Metal band whose music takes you on a slow ride through ethereal chords and sounds, into dark chasms and towering, epic heaviness. They are not the ‘same old, same old’ metal band – they offer much more. Their music crosses over into many genres and they are rapidly gaining fans and airplay.

In this podcast we listen to their track ‘Eye of the Sun’ and talk about their ‘accidental’ submission to Triple J, gigs, injuries and the future (which is bright for this dark doom band).

Mountain Wizard Death Cult are:

Chris Chaplin – Guitars, Arrangements, Themes
JJ Brady – Vocals, Lyrics
Lachlan Livingston Wink – Drums
Anthony Langton – Bass

Check out their Triple J Unearthed page here.

The band has put together a list of influential tracks and new music they are into – we’ve put them together in a playlist here.

The first song is their 1st studio recording: ‘Eye of the Sun’. Be sure to check out this playlist to find some great heavy music!

Follow the Mountain Wizard Death Cult playlist here.

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